CompleteCare Cancer Toolkit

CompleteCare Cancer Toolkit

A holistic solution for primary care practices to effectively manage their responsibilities around supporting cancer patients.
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Achieve Strategic Goals and Drivers to Fight Cancer

Suitable for a variety of NHS organisations from PCNs to CCGs, ICS’, and Cancer Alliances, the Cancer Toolkit aims at achieving strategic goals and drivers to fight cancer.

Its EMIS and SystmOne developed tools offer optimised workflow in the identification and management of cancer patients and align to the drivers and requirements of:

  • NHS 5-Year Plan around Supporting Early Cancer Diagnosis
  • NHS-E Early Cancer Diagnosis – Direct Enhanced Services (DES)
  • NICE Guidelines
  • Cancer Best Practice
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Screening Programmes

The toolkit delivers on requirements to increase uptake of National Screening Programmes by not only having the templates to record screening criteria and outcomes but a series of reports for:

  • Eligibility
  • Did not attend
  • Abnormal results
  • Outstanding outcomes
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Cancer Safety Netting

Such as with our screening programmes, DXS allows the recording of Cancer Safety Netting within our referral templates, as well as automated reports and notifications for patients referred for an urgent NG12 appointment, but no outcome has been received or recorded.

These allow you to proactively monitor your patient lists and ensure any outstanding actions are chased up or exclude possibilities of cancer.
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Cancer Referral Quality

CompleteCare’s comprehensive templates, aligned to NICE guidelines, allow clinicians to see specific Cancer Service Referral criteria to ensure only appropriate referrals are completed and the necessary cancer discussion is made with the patient.

All investigation and non-urgent referrals are linked directly to our centrally maintained NICE NG12 forms, pre-populated with all the necessary patient information and local provider services details. These ensure consistency and drive better referral quality across practices as well as clinicians, and locums.
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Early Diagnosis and Symptom Monitoring

Patients not meeting NG12 criteria, where there are concerns or vague symptoms, can be recorded within the clinical templates, along with the diary function to ensure that any person who receives the results understand the concerns and act accordingly in the decision of referral or alternative.

This ensures that received investigations are appropriately processed, and outstanding investigations and monitored patients are suitably actioned.
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Cancer Views

Cancer views offer a quick but comprehensive overview of the patient record and any history, previous investigations, monitoring, or clinical information that would help make an informed decision around cancer likelihood.

This ensures that any clinician or locum involved with the patient can access and review pertinent information and safeguard against disregarding cancer incorrectly.
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Clinical Decision Support

All tools have single-click access to a wealth of clinical decision support information from our extensive Point-of-Care library including:

  • NICE aligned NG12 forms – Centrally managed and updated, pulling through patient information
  • Local and national forms for investigations or other service referrals
  • Local and national treatment and referral pathways
  • Patient information leaflets
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