Why are they called SMART Referrals?

Why are they called SMART Referrals?

Date: 27/02/2024

Well, because they really are SMART!

Our SMART Referral Forms are, essentially, an enhanced version of a Standard Referral Form. They’re the Captain Marvel (if you prefer Marvel) or Wonder Woman (DC preference) of referral forms.

As well as significantly reducing inappropriate referrals, waiting lists, and carbon emissions, using our SMART Referral Forms has been independently proven to increase whole-system efficiencies and save the NHS substantial sums.

Here are some Main Features and Benefits:

  • Mandatory Fields: Essential Data Requested by the Provider, Prevents Rejected Referrals, and Reduces Patient Journeys.
  • Recommended Fields: Less Strict i.e., Suggested and Not Mandatory, Flagged Before Saving – Changes Can Be Made, and Clinician Discretion Maintained.
  • Patient Validation: Indicates Patient Eligibility, Uses Criteria Tests e.g., FIT, Age, etc. Right Service, Right Patient.
  • Patient Record Optimisation: New Data is Coded Back to the Patient Record, Improved QOF Coding, and Streamlines Practice Productivity/Efficiency.
  • Clinical Calculations: Automates Complex Calculations, Saves Clinicians Time, and Improves Form Accuracy.
  • SMART Assist: Hyperlinks to Clinical Pathways, Hyperlinks to Clinical Resources (Educational), and Enhances Clinical Decision Making.
In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare referrals, the journey from traditional letters to standardised forms reflects a pivotal shift in reshaping healthcare practices. While the reliance on the perceived swiftness and personal touch of Referral Letters remains enduring, the transition to Standard Referral Forms signifies a collective recognition of the importance of standardised data capture for efficiency gains and structured information.

Amidst this transformation, the innovative DXS SMART Referral Forms emerge as the superheroes of this narrative. Far beyond being a mere enhancement, these forms represent a comprehensive solution that oversees the entire lifecycle – from setup and review to adoption and replacement. Beyond their mandatory fields and patient validation features, these forms bring about substantial reductions in inappropriate referrals and waiting lists, ultimately leading to heightened system efficiencies and noteworthy cost savings for the NHS.

As we delve into the features and benefits of the SMART Referral Forms, it becomes evident that their integration stands as a testament to the dynamic nature of healthcare practices. The automated processes, data standardisation, and heightened accuracy they bring forth make a compelling case for the ongoing evolution of healthcare practices, emphasising the need for regular reviews and supplier engagement in this transformative journey.

Take a look at the short video below and additional links to explore more. You can reach out to us here.

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