Isn’t DXS Just Referral Forms?

Isn’t DXS Just Referral Forms?

Author: Will Brown
Date: 22/04/2021

This is an understandable assumption. With the amount of referral forms that GPs and practice staff are dealing with daily, this is likely to be the most used part of Point-of-Care.

Though we are pleased to be known as market leaders in referral form functionality, centralised updating and publishing of letters is a small part of only one of our product lines.

We pride ourselves as a Health-tech company that truly looks to support and offer great value to our NHS customers. Our products include:


Listening to our customers’ needs, practice requirements, and daily frustrations, we decided to utilise our experience and knowledge of clinical systems to develop a suite of EMIS and SystmOne Templates, Reports, and Protocols to support your practice. This continued to develop into a comprehensive solution that is now offered free to our Point-of-Care customers under the new GP IT-F Framework (formally GPSoC).

These tools are built directly in the clinical system using the functionality familiar to EMIS and SystmOne users, which makes using the tools easy and intuitive.

These in-system tools link directly with the content in Point-of-Care, so no need for searching to find supporting guidance documents, leaflets, or referral forms.
In this ever-growing library there are:

  • Tools and reports to ensure quick and easy QOF adherence, maximising prevalence and case-finding
  • Long-term condition management pathways, templates supporting diagnosis, risk assessments to medication treatment plans, and reviews
  • Medicines optimisation toolsets including a variety of drug class monitoring, near patient testing, and medication adherence tools
  • Nursing and HCA toolsets
  • Screening and scoring tools
  • Referral criteria and safety netting
  • and more
We continue to work with our partner organisations on expanding this offering to address growing practice needs and offer greater value to our customers.


ExpertCare is a tool to take away the confusion and complexity around medication review and prescribing in hypertension.
ExpertCare empowers nurses or pharmacists to conduct hypertension reviews and reduce the reliance on GPs, saving their time.


As well as the referral forms, Point-of-Care is a full clinical decision support tool hosting an extensive, easily searchable library of:

  • Clinical guidance documents
  • Annotatable medical images
  • Patient leaflets and care plans
  • Interactive national and localised treatment and referral pathways
  • Travel guidance
  • Directory of Services (DoS)
With this, we still know that the majority of our CCG and federation clients look to us to support their referral form management needs. Due to this demand, we have recently updated our functionality to include:

Data Input Validation – Helping to ensure local referral guidelines and clinical thresholds are met before completing referral forms.

Smart Functionality – Allowing the show and/or hide of information or questions dependent on what has been entered or merged from the patient record.

Write-Back – Allowing coding back to the patient’s EMIS, SystmOne, or Vision record or journal directly from the referral letter.

The features above are new additions to the standard features that are unique to DXS referrals that make referrals quick and easy to process, including:

  • Structured data – reducing the need for free-text
  • Mandatory fields
  • Intelligent check-box options
  • Smart field tagging and merging
  • Review and update dates
  • Coloured fields to help user navigation
  • Radio buttons
  • Drop-down menus

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