How Do I Find DXS SystmOne Templates?

How Do I Find DXS SystmOne Templates?

Author: Will Brown
Date: 29/05/2021

As a BestPathway customer, we have given you access to a number of templates to support your daily consultations.

These templates can be found by clicking the blue star in the demographics box.

To view in full screen, double-click on the video or click on the full screen icon Knowledge Database

The DXS Template Dashboard offers quick and easy access to a number of CompleteCare resources including:
  • QOF: Data entry templates
  • General Consultation Templates: Ranging from paediatrics, GI, to CVD
  • Comprehensive Templates: Covering life cycle of long-term condition management
  • Screening and Scored Assessments: Assisting with clinical decision making on diagnosis, treatment, and referral options
Assisting locums, new or junior doctors and those who may be more familiar with other clinical systems to confidently access and use SystmOne and ensure that data entry is correct and consistent within the practice.

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