Does eRS work with DXS Point-of-Care?

Does eRS work with DXS Point-of-Care?

Author: Jeff Morgan
Date: 15 February 2021

There is a common misconception that DXS Point-of-Care does not work with e-Referral Service (eRS), and we would like to dispel this myth with this very simple guide. Referrals generated using DXS Point-of-Care can be sent via eRS on TPP, EMIS, and Vision.

This misunderstanding may be due to the fact that there are two different ways you can send a referral using DXS Point-of-Care. Referrals can be sent to providers either by email or via the eRS system.

You can start by creating the referral using DXS Point-of-Care, which generates the form and saves it to the patient notes.

If you plan to send the referral via email, you can use DXS Point-of-Care’s integrated email client to send the referral directly from Point-of-Care.

However, a referral sent via eRS is also possible with one additional step. You will have to save the referral to your clinical system, and then process as normal via eRS.

Here are the guides for each clinical system that you can use for a step-by-step process of how to send a referral via eRS that you generated in DXS Point-of-Care:




We know that this process can be improved to save you unnecessary clicks, particularly when using TPP, which requires the patient to be saved and reopened before an eRS referral can be completed. To achieve a slicker process, we are currently working on integrating eRS directly into DXS Point-of- Care which will create a smoother and faster journey for your referrals. So, watch our website and follow us on LinkedIn where we will keep you updated about our progress.

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