How to Improve Cancer Referral Quality?

How to Improve Cancer Referral Quality?

Author: Will Brown
Date: 29/04/2021

Our goal at DXS is to improve healthcare delivery by enhancing decision making through the provision of targeted health information. Giving quick and easy access for clinicians to make informed decisions on patient care and treatment options.

Our BestPathway offering combines our CompleteCare and Point-of-Care products, offering a holistic solution in the management of cancer.


Our EMIS and SystmOne built toolkits have clinical templates detailing referral and screening criteria. These empower clinicians to make choices around referrals and record accurately the decision to refer or rationale on why not appropriate.

Cancer Referral

NICE guideline linked criteria help to ensure consistency in referrals across practices, clinicians, and locums. As well as the ability to accurately record relative information including,

  • Discussion of cancer with patient
  • Information given
  • Availability for 2-Week Wait appointment
  • Safety netting
  • Condition monitoring

Safety netting and Cancer Early Warning protocols are in place to ensure that investigations and monitoring are in place, and all individuals involved in the patient’s care are noted of concerns and can act accordingly.


Our Point-of-Care product houses a number of clinical decision tools including NICE guidelines, local and national referral policies, and professional guidance.

It also has a wealth of patient information leaflets and Directory of Service (DoS) details.

A fully maintained and centrally updated library of NG12 forms and test and investigation requests that merge patient data, ensure that all patient and clinical details are captured – ensuring no delays or inappropriate referrals are made.

These tools help ICS’ and CCGs achieve their plans and strategies around fighting cancer and assist with reducing strain on 2-Week Wait services. These toolkits and products are designed to support practice operations and ICS, CCG, and PCN goals.

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